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Retractable shades

Block the wind!


Southern Arizona can be very windy at times and doesn't let us enjoy our back yards. Retractable patio shades is the solution! Arizona shades specialists believes we have the best products in the nation! Backed with a certified wind rating! Use these retractable patio screens to block the wind and the sun!

Fabrics that last!


Some companies are very limited when it comes to fabric choices. And some fabric should never be used in  retractable  shades in Tucson or Phoenix . Don't make your choice based on color alone! We are experts and have seen what will last and what won't! Our tradesman is an expert, and will guide you in the right direction.



When all the way down to the floor you will basically have your very own screen room! Arizona shade specialist uses two styles of fabric rail retention shades. This means that even a mosquito cannot penetrate your enclosure!

Solution screen


Arizona shade specialists is a certified dealer for Tucson rolling shutters! Considered by many to be the leaders of retractable shades in the west! The solution shade is outstanding. Lifetime warranty on motors, Mermett fabric, solid components, the list goes on!

Fenetex shades


Dominating the East is Fenetex Shades! Making an outstanding retractable shade, it has earned the title of a Hurricane shade!  Developed to withstand 200 mph winds! Some say there screens are overbuilt and we're perfectly fine with that!